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We Help Individuals and Families Who Are Coping with the Effects of Dog Bite Injuries in South Carolina 

A dog bite can happen in an instant. One moment everything is fine, and the next you are dealing with serious injuries. Infection can be a concern as well; and, to make sure the effects of the bite are no greater than necessary, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. 

It is important to speak with a South Carolina dog bite injury lawyer as soon as possible, too. From medical bills to lost income, dog bites can get expensive quickly. Dog bites can lead to emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and other non-financial costs as well. These are all costs for which financial compensation may be available under South Carolina law. If you, your child, or another member of your family has been bitten in Beaufort County, Jasper County, Colleton County, or Hampton County, South Carolina dog bit attorney Luke Paulick can help you seek the financial compensation you and your family deserve. 

South Carolina Dog Attack Laws

South Carolina has a “strict liability” law for dog attacks. Under Section 47-3-110 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, a “dog owner or person having the dog in the person’s care or keeping” is legally responsible for a dog attack regardless of whether that person was negligent in allowing the attack to occur. While there are some exceptions, this is the general rule that applies in most cases. 

Who Is Responsible For A Dog Bite In South Carolina?

When South Carolina’s “strict liability” law applies, either the dog’s owner or a person who has the dog in their care can be held liable for the financial and non-financial costs of a dog bite. This means that dog sitters, dog walkers, veterinary clinics, kennels, boarding facilities, and other individuals and businesses can all potentially be held liable depending on the circumstances involved. Practically speaking, however, most dog bite claims are covered by insurance. When we take your case, we will conduct a thorough investigation to determine who (or what company) is responsible for the costs of the attack.

What Happens to Dog Bite Claims in the Case of Trespassing?

South Carolina’s “strict liability” law for dog bites does not apply in the case of trespassing. This is one of the exceptions we referenced above. However, South Carolina’s trespassing laws are complicated; and, even if you think that you (or your loved one) may have been trespassing at the time of a dog attack, we still strongly encourage you to contact us so we can help you make informed decisions about protecting your legal rights. 

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites can cause a variety of types of injuries. Along with injuries from the bite itself, victims can also suffer injuries due to falling during an attack. If you have a claim, all of your (or your loved one’s) injuries are covered. We commonly help dog bite victims and families seek just compensation for injuries including: 

  • Bone fractures
  • Concussions (from falls during dog attacks)
  • Infections
  • Nerve damage
  • Puncture wounds
  • Severe lacerations 
  • Soft tissue damage

How Luke Can Help

Regardless of the types of injuries you (or your loved one) suffered in a dog attack, South Carolina dog bite injury attorney Luke Paulick can help you move forward. Here are just some of the ways Luke helps his clients: 

  • Assessing Your Family’s Legal Rights – Luke will provide a thorough assessment of your family’s legal rights based on the circumstances surrounding the attack. This includes assessing any potential concerns about trespassing as well as any other concerns you may have.
  • Determining What Claim(s) to File – Based on this assessment, Luke will determine what claim(s) to file on your behalf. There are a variety of possibilities (again, depending on the circumstances), and it is critical to file the right claim(s) in order to recover the financial compensation you and your family deserve. 
  • Calculating Your Total Out-of-Pocket Costs – When you have a dog bite claim in South Carolina, you are entitled to just compensation for your current and future costs resulting from the attack. Luke will carefully calculate these costs so that you don’t unknowingly leave money on the table. 
  • Calculating Just Compensation for Your (or Your Loved One’s) Non-Financial Losses – Luke will also carefully calculate just compensation for your (or your loved one’s) non-financial losses. These include things like emotional trauma, pain and suffering, permanent scarring and disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. 
  • Dealing with the Insurance Companies for You – As we mentioned above, most dog bite cases involve dealing with the insurance companies. Luke will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf while you focus on your (or your loved one’s) physical and emotional recovery. 

FAQs: Seeking Just Compensation for a Dog Bite in South Carolina 

What Is the Statute of Limitations for a Dog Bite Lawsuit in South Carolina?

South Carolina has a three-year statute of limitations for dog bite lawsuits. This means that you must file your lawsuit no later than three years after the date of the attack. 

Do Doctors Have to Report Dog Bites in South Carolina?

Yes, doctors in South Carolina have a duty to report all dog bites to the county health department within one business day. This is so that the county health department can take the necessary steps (if any) to ensure that the dog does not present an ongoing risk.

How Do I Get Compensation For Dog Bite Injuries?

Seeking financial compensation for dog bite injuries in South Carolina starts with talking to an experienced lawyer about your legal rights. This should cost you nothing out of pocket, and you should not have to pay any legal fees or costs unless your lawyer helps you recover just compensation. 

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